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Only One in Six Employers Favor a Universal Health Care System Funded by Tax Dollars

Posted by: Marianne Stook    April 18, 2011 at 5:48 PM

New UBA Survey Reports Employer Opinions on Health Care Benefits and More

Indianapolis, IN, April 18 /PRWeb/ -- Despite concerns about the impact of rising health care costs on their businesses and employees, only one in six employers (16.3 percent) say they favor a federally tax-funded universal health care system, according to the 2011 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey.

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Nearly all (99.4 percent) top decision makers are concerned with the impact that health care costs are having or are going to have on their overall corporate costs, according to newly released UBA data. More than 50 percent said it is a critical concern. Just slightly fewer (97.9 percent) are also concerned with the impact health care costs are having on their employees, up nearly 20 percent from three years ago and nearly identical to last year. These results were consistent regardless of industry, employee size category or geographic region. Additional findings presented in the UBA survey include:

• 96.9 percent of employers still believe a good employee benefits program helps attract good employees while 93.8 percent believe good benefits keep employees from leaving.
• Employers are less prepared to meet the legislative and regulatory requirements placed upon them, and those requirements are becoming increasingly complex.
• Nearly three-quarters of the employers responding felt there is a definite role for the federal government to play regarding health: requiring the disclosure of health care cost and quality information of hospitals and physicians.

“On an encouraging note, there is a trend of employers implementing wellness and health management strategies that they feel are having a positive impact on chronic conditions and the effectiveness of these programs in general,” according to UBA's William Stafford, Vice President, Member Services.

The UBA 2011 Benefit Opinions Survey includes employer perspectives on Health Care Strategy, Employee Benefits Philosophy and Opinion, Health Plan Management, Personal Health Management, Scope of Employee Benefits Offered and Employee Communications.

Copies of the UBA 2011 Benefit Opinions Survey are available for purchase after May 1 by downloading the order form or through the nearest UBA Member Firm listed on the UBA website at www.UBAbenefits.com.

ABOUT THE UBA SURVEYS – The 2011 UBA Benefit Opinion Survey complements the 2010 UBA Health Plan Survey, the nation’s largest comprehensive and validated survey of plan design and costs, with responses from 17,113 health plans sponsored by 11,413 employers nationwide. As the largest survey of its kind, the UBA Health Plan Survey provides health plan benchmarks by a greater number of specific industries, regions and employer size categories than is available from any other resource.

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Vice President, Member Services
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