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UBA's Newest Partner Firm – Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. – Is One of the Oldest and Largest Employee Benefits Firms in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Posted by: Bill Olson    February 17, 2016 at 4:30 PM

Benefits-Focused Agency Joins Global Network of Independent
Employee Benefits Advisory Firms

United Benefit Advisors (UBA), the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization, is pleased to welcome Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. as its newest Partner Firm. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, they focus on providing benefits their clients can rely on.

For more than 35 years, Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. has been providing group employee benefit plans for employers large and small in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Western New York, and Northeastern Ohio. As one of the oldest employee benefits firms in the area, their experienced plan managers will work with you to create a benefit plan strategically aligned with your company's goals.

“Our new relationship will add value to the expertise and services we currently deliver to help our clients better manage their health care costs, mitigate compliance risk, and align their benefit strategy with their company’s goals,” says Bill Lillis, Partner, Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. “We’re now able to share the expertise and best practices of more than 2,200 of the industry’s most successful professionals.”

Each Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. plan manager adds value to their client relationships through highly individualized attention. This includes analysis of your workforce and financial needs, proposing solutions, identifying plan designs, managing the competitive proposal process, and negotiating contracts. Their clients are well represented during complicated situations and ongoing dialog is constantly maintained in order to facilitate continuous improvement.

UBA CEO Les McPhearson says, “The agency’s reputation and longevity in the industry, as well as their focus on individualized attention toward their clients, are all excellent attributes to have as a UBA Partner Firm.”

As the newest Partner Firm of UBA, Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. joins a network of employee benefits advisory firms that serve employers of all sizes across the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a combined group, UBA’s annual employee benefit revenues rank it among the top six employee benefit advisory organizations in the U.S.

About Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co.
Lillis, McKibben & Co. was created as a partnership in 1982 by William L. Lillis and James N. McKibben. John M. Bongiovanni later became a partner in 2006. They provide consultative, purchasing, and management services focused on group employee benefit plans for clients in the Northwestern Pennsylvania area. Over the years, their growth has made them one of the largest group benefit firms in the area. Their clients include many of the area’s largest employers as well as smaller professional services firms. At the heart of their approach are their plan managers, who possess backgrounds and experience that include successes with firms that range from publicly held companies to sole proprietorships. Visit www.lmbcoerie.com to learn more about Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co.

About United Benefit Advisors®
United Benefit Advisors® (UBA) is the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization with more than 200 offices throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to provide an environment that empowers our more than 2,200 Partners to both maintain their individuality and to pool their expertise, insight, and market presence to provide best-in-class services and solutions that positively impact employers and make a real difference in the lives of their employees and families. An important product of that collaboration is the UBA Health Plan Survey – the nation’s most comprehensive benefits benchmarking survey. At UBA, we believe in service and genuine sharing through mutual trust. Our culture is one of honesty, transparency, and making others better. It is defined by the values of integrity, collaboration, care for others, innovation, and operational excellence. Employers, advisors and industry-related organizations interested in obtaining powerful results from the shared wisdom of our Partners should visit UBA online at www.UBAbenefits.com.

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