ComplianceMnthlyRecap MH 5.16.22

Self-Funding Dental: Leave No Stone Unturned

Posted by: Gary R. Goodhile, CLU    Mar 30, 2017 8:29:00 AM

stones stackedWith all of the focus that is put into managing and controlling health care costs today, it amazes me how many organizations still look past one of the most effective and least disruptive cost-saving strategies available to employers with 150 or more covered employees – self-funding your dental plan. There is a reason why dental insurers are not quick to suggest making a switch to a self-funded arrangement … it is called profit!

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Topics: self-funding, dental insurance, benefits cost control, health care cost containment

2013: The Year of Ancillary Benefits

Posted by: Mary Drueke-Collins, FSA    Mar 29, 2013 10:13:00 AM

By Mary F. Drueke, FSA
Vice President of Employee Benefits
Swartzbaugh-Farber & Associates, Inc., a UBA Partner Firmpencil paper

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Topics: ancillary benefits, long term disability, health care costs, health care, dental insurance